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Engage in Outside-The-Box Thinking to Provide High Value of Service to Clients: Campaign Optimizer

What is the Display Campaign Optimiser?

  1. The Display Campaign Optimiser (DCO) automatically finds the best places to show your ads across the Google Display Network
  2. To use this tool all you need to do is let us know your target cost-per-acquisition

How the Display Campaign Optimiser works.

  1. Explores new inventory across millions of sites in the Google Display Network, evaluating dozens of factors in real time
  2. Delivers more conversions at your desired CPA
  3. DCO finds additional conversions for Google Display Network and shows your ads on relevant campaigns which you may have missed
  4. It works on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices
  5. Available to small and medium business advertisers

Benefits to using the Display Campaign Optimiser.

  1. Learn It provides landing page and campaign history analysis
  2. Target It defines new groups of placements related to your product
  3. Optimise Adjusts bids and targeting based on your performance
  4. Expand Reaches new groups of placements over time

Imagine you can make 1,000+ deals in 43 countries with 85 million subscribers.


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