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For many books offered in the different website, you will feel so lucky when you have chosen this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing Strategies.

At first, you will be curious about SEO really means, how it works and how to increase your rankings on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

It will give you concepts and strategies on optimizing the content of your website. With this article you will also learn in this book the importance of using keywords on your link profile on Facebook account, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media.

  • Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) vs. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) 
  • Getting the Most from Organic/Natural SEO
  • Using Paid Searches to Your Maximum Benefit
  • Market a Startup Business
  • Understanding the Various SEO Marketing “hats”! and Dominating the First Page!

This article will also discuss the common SEO obstacles and stumbling-blocks that must be avoided and most of all, to avoid getting burned by the Top 10 scams.

With this part, you may determine the kind of SEO tactics to adopt as such, the White Hat SEO follows 100% the entire terms and condition set by the search engine on Google , Grey Hat SEO being the mixture of white and black or Black Hat SEO having the opposite tactic of the first hat.

So, if you want to startup your own marketing business and building a new website, grab this article now. You will certainly get the knowledge more than its worth.

Hence, you may choose the best secrets and tips to gain the maximum benefit and dominate the first page in your websites.


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