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Data Tracker Using If, Concatenate, Max If, and Search Index by using Row.

Data Tracker Using If.
Data Tracker and Monitoring System using Excel.

1. Create 3 Sheet Tab, name it as DataMonitoring-Y17, 2017 and Settings

2. Create and Reserve Column from A-Z

3. In Column B, put this code:
=MAX(IF(E3='2017'!$B$2:$B$11978,'2017'!$A$2:$A$11978)) then press Shift+Ctrl+Enter to have curly bracket. It should be looks like this:

4. In Column C, put this code:
=IF(B3=0,"",IF(N3=1,B3+Settings!C$6, B3+Settings!C$7))
4.1. In Settings Tab, put this identifier.
at Column B, Row 6, put identifier label called: First Priority #1 then at Column C, Row 6, put value such as 7 - this serve as how many days to count (One Week).
at Column B, Row 7, put identifier label called: First Priority #2  then at Column C, Row 7, put value such as 14 - this serve as how many days to count (Two Weeks).

5. In Column E, put this code:

6. Go to "2017" Sheet
Create and reserve Column A-G

Column A: Date

Column B: 
Campaign / AdGroup

Column C: 
Date Range

Column D: 

Column E: 

Column F: 

Column G: 

Okay, that's Phase 1.


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