High Result in SERP.

High Result in SEO. 

Keywords Research and AnalysisIt is best way to integrate into Social Media and Digital Marketing for we to be fully optimized, gain more impression and get higher page rank. This will help to stand out from our competitor to maximize our sales income.

Keywords Analysis - Choosing the appropriate type of keywords will help us to filter the relevance that triggered to our products and to gather impressions on which keywords must be observed.

Generally, these are the possible keywords we have to use for the title and meta tags.These keywords came up from the computation I made with the help of Google Analytics Tools. The highest value came up from Google Analytics Tools can give us a possible organic searches. Meaning, these are the common words search by other visitors.

For example, to analyze the following keywords using Google Analytics:

laptop, mobile, computers, cellphones, iPad, mp3, televisions, cell phones, tablet, iPod, SmartPhone

For “iPad” keyword, we have the following:
ipad mini
iPad  price
iPad specs
latest ipad

For “tablet” keyword, we have the following.

coby tablet
samsung tablet price
tablet price
android tablet
tablet pc
best tablet

For “smartphone” keyword, we have the following.

Smartphone applications
Thinnest smartphone
Best smartphone

For “laptop” keyword, we have the following.

 Laptop brands

Laptop for sale

Laptop price

Notebook laptop

For “mobile” keyword, we have the following.

 Mobile marketing

Mobile phones

Device management

Windows mobile

Mobile broadband

Mobile application development

General Overview:

Stage 1 - Planning

1. Keyword Research and Analysis – This is to make research for any blogs related to your product.

    a. Why we need back links?

        i. Basically a back link is a link from another site back to our own website. This is to write a comment to a certain blogs in which related to our product. This is to share another idea in which our website link to them. So, once your comment read/like by certain visitor he/she will be interested to click our website. And that is your chance to have visitors.

        ii. The more back links we have the more visitors we can get from them.

        iii. Here is the formula:

    b. What are the tools need to have this type of activity to be done?

        i. Do research blogs that are related to our content or products.

        ii. Register and comment to the website in which we can generate outbound links.

With this study, it should be carefully done because poor quality back links may result in penalties from search engine, or what we call sandbox , meaning Google temporarily reduces the page rank.

Part 2 - Social Media Marketing Strategy

1. Social Networks – Is use to share information about our product details. The more friends you have is the more chance to have page visitor to our website. The following listed below are the list of top in the line Social Networks.

a. Facebook

b. Google +

c. Emperia Venue

d. Bebo

e. Socl

2. Photosharing / Pictures – In this part, we have to share your designs came from your graphic artist or ads and promo. Why? Because with this sharing could help to make a link building. This is also additional points that can crawled your keywords.

a. Flickr

b. Photobucket

c. Picasa

d. Shutterfly

3. Micro Blogging / Social Streams – broadcast medium in the form of blogging. This will help to promote a certain products to your website. It is mini-message that can connect to other webpage.

a. Twitter

b. Plurk

4. Crowd Sourcing – Sharing thoughts

    a. Yahoo Answers

5. Backlinking – This is use to crawl your website to make outbound link to the other website. Through commenting to the other blogs it will create certain value to make a higher pagerank. From the basic computation of back linking, it should have atleast 1500 in a month.

    a. This will be atleast 375 Backlinks per week..(the count must only the approved backlinks which it means this is the good quality of blogs)

6. Newsletter

    a. E-Mail Blasting to generate sales leads, increase web traffic, retain customers, build your brand and inform subscriber what is happening with your products.

    b. Tools needed for E-Mail Blasting:

1. PhPList

2. Mail Chimp

3. Constant Contact?


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