Top 15 Online Marketing Strategic Plan and Techniques.

Most of the websites or e-commerce businesses were focused on day to day operations. Marketing is only a small fraction of daily operations, which means they didn’t have the time to understand the practices and testing that goes into on-line marketing.

Here are the top 15 tools or ways that you can include in your things-to-do.
  1. Submit your website to search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and DMOZ.
  2. Create and always keep on updates about Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  3. Put your websites or blogs links in your email signature. Make sure that your friends or family members and even co-employees email signatures have your links too.
  4. Submit your latest post to Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon.
  5. Make a Link Wheel.
  6. Use good keywords in your blog titles.
  7. Submit your blogs to blog directory. Example: BlogExplosion, Weblog Directory, We Blog A Lot, Kmax, and many many more.
    Make Facebook fan page and offer freebies or special sales to newsletter subscribers when they sign up. Forward interesting information, news, photos, videos, jokes, sad stories and all kinds of junk mails to your friends. Your friends will forward these mails to their friends. Make sure that you forward these mails to friends that like to receive them, not those that hate junk mails. Use a funny or attention seeking user name whenever you register for a social networking site/forum and more.
  8. Submit your videos to Metacafe, YouTube, MySpace, Digg Videos,, AOL Video, Google Video, GoFish, Vimeo, Yahoo Video and more. Make your own video about your products or stores. Remember to put your links in your video. Use keywords, descriptions, in your video file name and submission.
  9. Create and blog about your products and stores. Example: Blogger, MySpace, Wordpress and more.
  10. Feed and ping your store blogs. Icerocket, BlogExplosion, Technorati, Weblogalot, Pingomatic, Pingoat, and more.
  11. Make sure that your posting on your blog is fresh. Keep updating and create a podcast about your products and store. Submit your podcast to iTunes, Odeo, Podcast Alley and PodOmatic.
  12. Create newsletters for your business. You may want to host with MailChimp or YourMailingListProvider.
  13. If your are on e-commerce business, include discount coupons, sale and promotion, new products, feature products, holidays and events products in your newsletters. Always keep an archive of your old newsletters in your website.Let your subscribers know how often you will send them your newsletters before they sign up.
  14. Upload your products photos to Flickr, BubbleShare and Fotolog.
  15. Give good and useful comments in other people guestbooks. Do not spam.
If you have ideas you may include in the comment area box. Thanks for reading..