Social Media for Organic Interaction

Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. The more fans you have the more trust and able to spread more news. Getting more fans can also make a branding; so people will know your businesses are exist.

The following social media will able you to interact with your prospect customers.

  2. GOOGLE + 

These are the steps on how you can be able to have rich post.

STEP 1 – Always keep on the road for the latest trending or interesting topic, so people can share their opinion or ideas to your post article, maybe they will share comment/feedback in positive or negative thoughts, especially, if they don’t love those products.

  • STEP 1A – This step is for your products; Ask to creative artist to design your product that can catch people’s attention. You can use your own models.
  • STEP 1B – This step is for your products; For every product you should and use your website to link as a landing page to specific page.

Every day, we should post the following article:

  • Latest product that are ready or soon to launch
  • Facts about gadgets
  • Trivia about specific company or brand
  • Your products (Priority should be the latest)

STEP 2 – Invite friends at least 2 friends every 2nd day.

STEP3 – Answer politely those inquiries.

STEP 4 – For those comments, share a thought just like your real friends. But always remember avoid to use the word that can be flagged your account such as threatening or any violent word that could hurt the feelings of other people.

These are the list of people or users visit to their Facebook account just to check the status of their friends or just for having leisure time. Some of them are playing apps. Some of them are watching latest videos.

Two types of prospect clients:

1. Employed

  • IT – Possible Log-in Time at Facebook 24x7 
  • Medical - Possible Log-in Time at Facebook 24x7 
  • Teachers/Instructors – From 9PM-12PM
  • Arts - Possible Log-in Time at Facebook 24x7 
  • Public Servant (e.g Policeman, Attorney and all Government workers)
  • Model/Artists - Possible Log-in Time at Facebook 24x7
  • Agriculturist - 5PM-9PM
  • Services Job (e.g salon, gym, mall, hotel and market workers) - 12PM-9PM 
  • Manufacturer – 6PM-10PM

2. Unemployed

  • Retired Person - Possible Log-in Time at Facebook 24x7
  • Looking for a Job – 9AM-9PM
  • Businessmen - Possible Log-in Time at Facebook 24x7