2nd Office Offshore Staff Leasing

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Why should you consider Offshore Staff Leasing?

Cost Savings of up to 70% – With offshore staff leasing, you will be able to save up to 70% off operational and labor costs. You wouldn’t have to worry about office space costs, workstations, hiring your own admin, HR and managers. We take care all of this for you so you can focus on operations and growing your business! Let us handle everything else.

Operational Flexibility – We provide you with operational flexibility and a peace of mind. If you need to ramp up or scale down, we have several different types of contracts that can support your business without any heavy penalties like other companies. We also have full time, part-time, and seasonal staff available depending on your needs.

Access to a Large and Skilled Talent Pool - The Philippines has a large talent pool of skilled labor, the country itself has a population of almost 105 million people and around 42 million in the labor force. English is considered to be the main language in schools, the media and business. The country has a literacy rate of 93% and is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world. According to Forbes, it is the #1 call center destination for English based businesses and has overtaken India in this space. The online media site bbc.co.uk has called the Philippines the worlds budget English teacher. Clients can easily communicate with their staff here at 2nd Office!

24/7 Operations –  By choosing us as your partner, you’ll now be able to run 24/7 operations with your business. We operate several different shifts to cater to all time zones, which means you can now tell your customers that you offer 24/7 customer support. What do you think that will do for your business? It would definitely increase customer satisfaction, they will tell all their friends and family of the great service you give and in turn your business will grow.



We deal with clients worldwide, taking the know how from each country we are able to learn a wide variety of systems
and share our worldwide knowledge with you. We are a true partner for your business.