No More Travel Agency - Book Your Flight Through Amazon?

No More Travel Agency - Book at Amazon

What about small business?

Planning to book an affordable tours & vacation packages ranging from local, asian & other international destinations of choice. Most of the travel agency doing hard times dealing with SEO or PPC analysis. With relevant with this, sooner Amazon has potential expansion into the online travel booking business would be a very realistic and profitable venture.

For the travel company given its current platform structure, traffic/volume, available cash for investment, and the online booking market's seeming opening for new competition.

According to Erich Reimer - Banks, ETF investing, tech, Booking Online will be ready through Amazon. As he mentioned the following insight details:

by Erich Reimer (Banks, ETF investing, tech) -


With the online booking business likely far easier to get up, running, and profitable than Amazon's healthcare venture, it may provide immediate significant growth to the company's earnings.
For years, Amazon has been in the public mind as primarily a delivery service and retailer for general consumer goods.


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